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ranting about twitter again.

Posted by VoidEyedPanda - December 7th, 2021


hi this is VEP, some guy making Friday night funkin' Madness combat mod with @RedstyP.

ever since i started making this mod, all the fucking commentary of the mod was "hurr durr this is copying antipathy mod!!!"

well you see, we HAD started this mod as a RESKIN of antipathy because we thought it would be fun. but we had to stretch it out further. why? because the team of antipathy mod couldn't shut the fuck up about ME working on it, therefore their decision was kicking Redsty out of the team, still trying to get us taken down with their hivemind bullshittery, and even after we decided to make it a different mod with original music, new characters and designs, they are STILL crying like bunch of fucking bitches.

no, we aren't doing this to spite them. we are doing this because it's FUN.

this was one of the only project I've worked on that was FUN.

and now even if we are separated from their mod, they still can't forget about the fact that we started this as their reskin.

so you know what? i don't give a fuck about antipathy anymore. i have no interest OR hatred for it.


i left the platform after the apology of my fucked up jokes, because i didn't wanted to see their faces. and now they are attacking my friend, who got kicked out of the team just because he was a friend of mine.

which is funny, because Ehtma is ALSO my friend. who also happens to be the main animator for the mod, why isn't he kicked out then? because he is important and Redsty isn't?

curb your double standard, assholes.

stop acting like you're better than us.

we are not here to compete with your fucking project.

we are here to have FUN.

anyways, i will be posting more often on Newgrounds in the future. i am currently sick from having all the side effects from the vaccine. if i get my bank account, maybe i will open commissions, who knows. just know that I'm still making my original contents other than some shitty FNF mods. see you soon ya dorks.




@ded-lej "pedo art"
what? no seriously, is this fr?

@ded-lej SHUT. UP. HOW DOES PANDA DRAW "PEDO ART", WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN???? WHY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE PANDA'S LIFE EVEN WORSE? THEY ARE ALREADY GOING THROUGH STUFF AND YOU GUYS ARE MAKING FAKE NEWS ABOUT THEM NOW?????? Get a life man. Why don't you stop trying to ruin people's lives and go do something actually useful? You won't help anyone or anything by inventing that shit about someone.

@VoidEyedPanda cool, dude. people can see for themselves. deuces

y'know hope you know i have an old and new account. so that you can stop acting like a nosey cunt for no reason.

Screw twatter with a high-density meteorite moving at 61% of the speed of light.

Twitter has changed so much even the original founder Jack has left. I haven't really been there much but I know social media is never fun, and has never been fun. It sounds like even when you want to bring out news for projects you work on, Twitter users will still lash out with whatever complaints they have.

Newgrounds may still have some trolls roaming in the platform, but there are some that can be a little bit more supportive than any other social media platform. Once you're done with the FNF mod and feel satisfied with the final results, take a break from the Internet for a while (Newgrounds is no exception). If you feel you've been fed a lot of motivational spirit, you can manage your time to work on some commissions once you feel like you've got the swing of things again, but look after your health or else you'll feel burnt out, or worse.

It seems this game just can't stop bringing out the worst in people

you literally drew porn of a character made by a 14 year old, kill yourself, faggot

false accusation, try again next time dear orphan

@ahuman7489 shits been proven false mate

I just came here to look at your art for references, then I saw this. Not surprised, this happened for Ben Drowned mod as well. Keep being epic man. Fuck em up good and hard

@VoidEyedPanda naah, i just wanted a reason to say that.


@ahuman7489 shut the fuck up you homophobic cunt